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Is There A Warranty Period After My Pest Service?

Yes! Our general pest warranty all come with a six month internal warranty. We also guarantee our termite treatments. You can rest assured that we can do the job.

How Often Should I Be Getting My House Treated?

We recommend all homes are done at least annually! To keep pests managed for your peace of mind. It is imperative to get your house inspected for termites annually to ensure you and your family have complete peace of mind that your home is free of all pests.

Are the chemicals you use during my pest service safe for my kids and pets?

Yes! We pride ourselves on the premium products we use – they are 100% safe for children & pests but of course we ask that all children and pests are away while the treatment is being completed. We also recommend a mandatory 30 minute window afterward before they are back in your home.

What can I do to prepare for my pest service?

For best results of your treatment; mop all floors prior to the service, have all kids toys, pet bowls and toys packed away.